Friday, 3 June 2011

Are you in the Mood??

Have you every painted your nails and then the next day want a different colour? Well in the mood nail polishes claim to change colour from fluctuations in temperature! Dipping your hand in cold or warm water, the weather and apparently even mood changes can cause the nail polishes hue to alter.

There are 9 different quirky nail varnishes to choose from, each with its own fabulous name. My favourite shade and name has to be ‘Ditsy’!

The inner child in me can wait to get my hands on some but sadly I think theyre only currently available in the US. 

Hopefully the UK will catch on soon!
(they retail for about $8 each)

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These could be great fun on the beach in the summer!

Hugs Holly
x  X  x


  1. Amazing! I must get some when I go to the US! Do you know where they sell them?


  2. I think that you can only buy them online :( which is annoying sorry, maybe you might find some in a shop called Claires. I hope you manage to find some :) x

  3. Aww, I see if I can find some when I get there :)


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